Session 2
March 2, 2522

Junker used the wireless beacon to send the train off on an abandoned spur and shut down. After Crunch jammed any outgoing signal, the crew was able to take out the guards through the judicious application of flash-bangs and stink ‘n’ shocks. After securing the cases for Wei, the crew proceeded to ‘appropriate’ the mining supplies, 10 kg of commercial explosives, and a strongbox containing ¥10,000 in cash (presumably the miners’ payroll).

A clean getaway and short flight later, the crew delivered the cases to Wei, collected their payment, and left Newhall for Murray’s Junkyard on New Melbourne where they planned to spend about 2 weeks repairing the Madam Butterfly after her years of neglect at the hands of Captain Unger.

Session 1
February 27 - 28, 2522

February 27, 2522:
The crew arrived on Newhall after receiving a wave from Na Pat Wei with a job offer. After landing, Captain Unger and his paramour, Destiny, left for a private meeting, informing the crew that they would be back within the hour. When they failed to return, the crew went looking for them.

They tracked Destiny’s comlink to a tenement in the slums. In the tenement’s basement the crew found Destiny’s corpse along with the body of an unknown man but no sign of the captain. Destiny and the stranger had both been shot numerous times. The man turned out to be a Federal Marshal Special Investigator named Nathan Coebis. There were dossiers on each of the crew littering the ground as well. The crew surmised that Captain Unger was there to sell them out to the Feds. After speaking to a street vendor the crew discovered that Captain Unger had been kidnapped. They found a pile of trash where the kidnappers waited to ambush Unger with a wrapper for a food cart called “Cousin Tito’s Meatpies.” Junker, Geiger, and Greener went to track down “Cousin Tito” while Ritter and Crunch met with Wei to get the details of the job. Wei promises them ¥28,000 to recover 3 black cases from a train carrying mining supplies for the Cortose Mining Cooperative’s operation on St. Lucius, the third moon of Beylix. They were given schematics of the train and told that the cases were in the secure storage aboard the personnel car.

Tito pointed the crew in the direction of a warehouse that scary dudes had been coming and going from. After Ritter and Crunch rejoined their companions, Crunch sent in drones and found the captain being held by Triad thugs. The crew discussed attempting to waylay the Triad’s leader until Ritter recognized him as Bao Ling, a notorious Triad tracker and interrogator who is said to have mystically powers. After Geiger knocked out a couple of the Triad thugs left behind, Greener examined the captain. Seemingly brain-dead and resonating with leftover psionic energy, the captain was able to speak one final phrase before going completely catatonic.


Crunch recognized the number as a hull identification code for an Alliance Navy vessel. Ritter sliced the captain’s throat and Greener recovered the RFID chip from the captain’s body that the crew needed to fire up the engines. They left the captain’s body with the Triad.

February 28, 2522:
The crew traveled to St. Lucius. While in transit, Junker reprogramed the dead Fed’s Ident Card with Ritter’s photo and biometrics. He also cloned the RFID tag so that each crew member has a copy.

The Madam Butterfly landed in Shinyi, a small port town that supplies the surrounding mines and ranchers and the origin point of the train the crew is targeting. Ritter and Crunch headed out to scout local bars to find the watering hole for the local security outfit that will be guarding the shipment. Once they tracked down a group of off-duty guards they learned that the shipment is somehow involved with the Blue Sun Corporation which seems to be carrying out some type of experiment at the mine. They also learned that the cases are being personally overseen by a Federal Marshal named Wilkins or Wiggins or Willis or somesuch. Afterwards they entered a friendly card game with the guards, wherein they proceeded to cheat and fleece the poor, upstanding lawmen of some of their hard earned creds.

While Crunch and Ritter were carousing and gambling, Geiger and Greener helped Junker sneak into the secure train yard and plant a wireless beacon on the personnel car. They found 3 identical cars so Junker sabotaged two of them and planted the beacon on the third.


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